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The predecessor of Shenzhen ElinkThings is the Internet of Things Division established by iNet in 2014, focusing on providing customers with connection modules (Bluetooth, WIFI, NB-IOT, etc.),

APP, AI cloud, data operation and value-added services help customers' products quickly and intelligently. With high-quality products and excellent services, we have helped customers achieve intelligent product upgrades. The main solution

The solution is applied in the fields of health, medical treatment, safety, industry, household and so on. Adhering to the concept of customer achievement, insisting on innovation, efficiency, and bringing customers a win-win situation.


* 2020
·  # IOT business officially became "Shenzhen ElinkThings Co., Ltd."
         * "AiFitPro" officially launched
         * "AiBrush Pro" is coming

* 2019
· #  Super APP "AILink" is online
* 2018
· #  The "AiFit" management system was launched to help customers customize branding

           * "AiFit" has over 2 million users

* 2017
·# "AiFit" users break one million
           *  "AiFresh" product line

           *  "AiBrush" APP launched

* 2016
· # "AiFit" product line was established
      * "AiFresh" APP launched
      * China's first Bluetooth tire pressure released

* 2015
·# IOT Division was established
          *  "AiFit" APP launched


corporate vision

Become the preferred solution provider for the Internet of Things


Help companies realize rapid and intelligent products


Customer achievement, innovation, efficiency, and win-win


2015 CTE Small Devices, Big Impact

Won the title of Guangdong Famous Brand Product in 2018

2015, 2016 "Microsoft Annual Valuable Partner Award"

2013 "ARM Outstanding Contribution Award"

China National High-tech Enterprise

Shenzhen Baoan Service Industry Top 100 Enterprises

Intel Annual
"Member of the Million Club"

2012/2013/2014 Allwinner Shipped No. 1

Intel Annual
"Member of the Million Club"

Partners and customers

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